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The music of Francesco Zappa

Francesco Zappa mostly composed chamber music in the form of two violins and bass trio, but also released duo, quartets, symphonies and romances, with the addition of a sonata for solo cello.

His gallant Italian imprint was always appreciated by all his admirers in Europe, who were struck by his
«beautiful touch, sweet and soulful» and by the «sweet and melodious notes» of his music.

His compositions gave much emphasis to the violin/obbligato cello and to their dialogue, as it can be seen in the Gran Sinfonia Concertata, and always showed great theoretical and technical expertise. Nona Pyron, editor of the 1983 Sonata a tre for violin and cello with bass, compared him to Cirri and Boccherini, in relation to the primacy assigned, in that composition, to the cello than the violin.