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Information and consent to personal data processing according to Legislative Decree 196/2003

Please note that the personal and sensitive data, that you provide us, will be processed both by automated tools or not, in compliance with the requirements in terms of data security established by Decree No. 196/2003, for the purposes of fulfilling the tasks entrusted to us as it is explained in the contract currently in force. The conferment of data is optional, but your refusal will prevent us from continuing the execution of the current contract. Your data will be communicated to the personnel of our site required to perform the tasks entrusted to us, to banks or financial institutions for the treatment and collection of skills, to institutions or public entities in relation to the tasks entrusted to us and regulations/legal requirements, to control entities and public security, if required, to any third parties only as a result of the tasks entrusted to us; all these subjects may be located both in Italy, in EU countries and in ExtaUE and consequently, the communication of necessary data can trace the physical location of employees.

Remembering the rights of the costumer, illustrated in article 7, we indicate that the data controller is:
www.francescozappa.it - Francesco Zappa Official Website
Responsible for the data according to Legislative Decree 196/2003: Mr. Jacopo Franzoni

1. I hereby give my consent to www.francescozappa.it to treat my data, including sensitive, to enforce a running contract or a contract that will be developed in the manner indicated in the statement above, conscious that a lack of consent implies an inability to continue the contact.

2. I hereby give my consent to www.francescozappa.it to use my personal data for information, sales and marketing at other times and/or outside the existing contract, through multimedia tools (Email, SMS, MMS, etc.). In case of lack of consent there are no consequences for any current contracts.